What's New in Search - October 2010


Facebook and Bing Form Partnership to Bring Social Media Data to Search Results

In mid-October, Bing rolled out a new Facebook module that shows users what their Facebook friends have liked in displayed search results. For example, if you’re using Bing to search for a restaurant, Bing will show you which of your friends liked that restaurant on Facebook. The module works the same way for movies, music, cars, etc.-basically anything that your friends have liked could be noted in Bing search results. Bing will also use Facebook data to improve people searches. For example, if five of your friends know John Smith, then that John Smith would show up higher in search results than other John Smiths since it’s more likely that the John Smith your friends know is the one you want. Cool features, but also a tad creepy.

Google Analytics Adds In-Page Analytics Feature

This new feature enables users to browse their websites and see analytics data superimposed on the site when logged into the linked Google Analytics account. The in-page data flags each link on the page and lists the number of clicks, goal value, and goal completions. In the left margin, registered users can see additional detail about the page, including technical specifications (such as screen resolution and operating system), demographics, and inbound sources and outbound destinations for traffic. The new feature is located in the Content report in Google Analytics.

Google TV Adds New Content Providers

Google recently announced that Turner Broadcasting, CNBC, HBO, and the NBA are providing content to Google TV. These content partners have either created new websites that are optimized for Google TV and/or created applications that you let you check basketball scores or follow your favorite stocks. Netflix and Amazon are also providing movies and TV shows on demand to Google TV. Google TV works with HDTVs, your existing internet and TV service, and a special Google TV box that you have to buy separately.

Yahoo! Acquires Dapper

Yahoo! recently acquired Dapper, a technology platform that provides dynamic display ad creation and optimization. Dapper’s IntentMatch technology combines user intent, real-time bidding, and dynamic creatives to deliver more relevant display ads to consumers and increase the chances of a conversion. These dynamic ads can vary the product, offer, or message with each impression based on past behavior on your website, geographic location, semantics, and contextual cues.

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