How To Determine If You’re Improving

So you’ve implemented several of our suggested strategies to improve your search leads, but how do you know if you’ve really improved?

We encourage our clients to add two fairly simple metrics that are specific to search leads to their sales performance data:

Search Lead Interaction Rate – This is a simple calculation based upon how many seemingly viable search leads you received and how many were subsequently engaged by a representative. Although this percentage will vary by industry and price point, it’s safe to say that if you are only achieving contact from 50% or less of your search form leads or voicemails, something is amiss. Calculate your current baseline and work on improving this number.

Search Lead Performance – Obviously, you want to be sure that all of this work was worth your time. Periodically review your close rate from inbound search leads and compare it to other lead sources. More importantly, compare the revenue derived from these leads to other sources, both in average and in totality. These numbers can be inspiring, especially when you consider that leads derived from search and routed through your website are generally much less expensive than from other sources.

There is no perfect system for handling search leads, but there are many systems that are set up to fail. The fixes suggested here are all relatively simple, and most can be handled internally. By recognizing the all-important immediacy factor and taking appropriate actions to address it, you will give yourself the best chance of making search leads one of the most viable and profitable sales channels you have.

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