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Content Marketing Services to Inform and Convert Your Audience

One of the most impactful ongoing components of our SEO campaigns is our inclusive content marketing service, which is designed to increase your brand visibility and industry authority. While, at its core, this program hinges on creating engaging content to inform and convert your visitors, a true, effective content marketing campaign involves much more than just creating a wealth of copy and posting it to your website.


Our campaigns are highly strategic and based on best practices and industry experience, while also being tailored specifically to your company’s audience and goals. Our comprehensive search content marketing program includes:


  • Researching trending topics, common questions and concerns, and more with the intent of targeting your audience at every stage of the buying/decision-making process.
  • Conducting in-depth keyphrase research to determine how existing audiences are searching for related content.
  • Writing articles that are informative, engaging, and easy-to-consume for your target audiences, while also encouraging them to take a predetermined point-of-action.
  • Strategically promoting all created content across relevant third-party platforms, such as social media platforms and partner websites.

One-Time and Long-Form Content Creation

While our content marketing services focuses primarily on creating and promoting informational pieces such as blog posts and resource articles on a regular basis, other types of content on your website are also critical for informing and converting your target audience. The original content we regularly create for clients includes:


  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Product descriptions
  • Infographics
  • Online whitepapers
  • Product informational and how-to guides

Off-Site and Offline Content Creation Services

We recognize that, although your company may operate primarily or partially via its website, your marketing efforts may extend onto partner websites and into the real world. That’s why, in addition to on-site blog posts and resource articles, we also offer our clients content creation, optimization, and promotion services for off-site and offline marketplaces. Some of the third-party site and off-line content we create for clients includes:


  • Case studies
  • Hard copy whitepapers and reports
  • Press releases (online and offline)
  • Guest posted and ghost-written articles

Find Out How a Search Content Marketing Program Can Help Your Business

Content marketing is an incredibly powerful way to build your company’s online presence while simultaneously improving customer awareness and brand authority. Get in touch today to find out how our customized program can help you meet your online marketing goals. Give us a call at 866-436-2583 or fill out our quick online contact form!

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Medium Blue has been our trusted SEM partner for over three years. They provide personal service and consulting that helps companies of all sizes and can scale in-step as you grow. For companies that don’t have the bandwidth to fill this need in-house, Medium Blue fills the gap as if they were working for your company.
– Norman Miglietta, Director, Group Marketing
KORE Wireless Group, Inc.


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