Improving Website Conversion with Medium Blue's Conversion Service
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Boost Website Conversion with Medium Blue’s Online Conversion Service

While driving traffic to your website using search engine optimization has become an integral part of many online marketing campaigns, website conversion enhancement is a newer tactic on the Internet marketing forefront. Improving website conversion is the smartest move you can make to increase the value of your website, turning more of your existing traffic into online sales or real leads in your sales pipeline and increasing the effectiveness of every other online marketing tactic you employ. Our online conversion service will increase your website conversion rates, turning more of your hard-earned website traffic into money in your pocket. And, like all of our website optimization services, our conversion enhancement comes with a guarantee that you will get serious results.

Your website gets hundreds - maybe even thousands - of visitors every day. Some of them typed your URL into their web browsers; others searched on Google for a product or service your company offers. These people are actively seeking you out, making them the most qualified leads you could have - yet if your website is like most companies’ sites, 98 percent of those visitors leave without ever taking the next step.

What’s the next step? You tell us. Maybe it’s making a purchase, filling out a contact form, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a white paper. Whatever it is you want your website visitors to do, Medium Blue can help you make it happen.

Use our website conversion service in conjunction with our SEO service to get an even bigger return from your website. Find out about our different website conversion packages.

Improving Website Conversion for Every Visitor You Have

Our online conversion service will work on improving website conversion rates for every visitor you have and for every stage of the buying process, from the first time a visitor lands on your home page in the initial research stages all the way through to the end of the decision to purchase. We understand that each of your prospects is different, and each one has different needs. Our process for improving website conversion will ensure that your website is ready to sell to every visitor who lands on your home page, no matter who she is or why he’s there.

We’ll work with your sales, marketing, and IT teams to develop customer profiles that identify all of your potential website visitors; a customized site layout plan based on our 40-point conversion checklist and tailored to your specific needs; and persuasive copy that speaks directly to the needs of your prospects.

When you’re done, you’ll have:

  •  Improved site usability
  •  Lower abandonment rates
  •  Higher website conversion rates
  •  More favorable impressions of your company among site visitors
  •  More people at your website, doing what you want them to do

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In just 60 days after launch, the number of visitors went up three times.... Visitors are browsing twice as many pages, and staying over twice as long, so we know that the message, layout, and content are relevant to our target audience. Now we're getting well-qualified leads to keep our sales people busy selling our big-ticket packages.

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